I am a Software Developer specializing in geospatial technologies and data visualization.

I love all things to do with data. From collection, to translating, to standardizing, to analysis. There is always one more interesting thing that you can find in a dataset!

Open Data and Open Source tools are great to work with, because you aren't limited with what you can do with them, and you're always free to add your own contributions.

For the last few years, I have been working with the Department of the Interior creating tools to allow the public to edit maps and submit the changes into a central repository. The repository is then used to create digital maps for display on the web as well as on traditional paper maps.

Before getting into geospatial data, I worked at a contracting company where I had the opportunity to work in many industries and in many locations. I designed and programmed robots that stacked packages of candy, I built interfaces to databases for medical and manufacturing uses, and I created software to generate reports based on distributed sensor information.

Today, I'm most interested in ways to collect and distribute data in order to provide information to end users through microservices.

You can learn more about me on my LinkedIn page. You can check out my projects on Github. You can read an interview of me on GeoHipster. You can always message me on Twitter or email me at jim(at)loc8(dot)us.